Political processes

Why online voting would be a ‘complete disaster’

Is an article talking why online voting would be a tottal disaster.  The article is relevant to the subject of study and somewhat trustworthy.  It is a sequence of questions and answers that might be biased.

Social Networking


This article describes how trends have evolved in 2016, which in turn, had marketing of most social media services adapt to said trends. The article makes reference to most of the social media giants, and how they´ve changed the forms of interacting with other people inside their own platforms or on other compatitor´s platforms, forcing each company to adapt to satisfy their customers wants an/or needs, be it personalization of what we watch, to simply being able to customize our own profiles however we see fit.

Sabat and Basualdo

Digital entertainment

ABI VidiPath Forecast: 40% of U.S. Cable Households by 2016

This article, although a year old, shows how VidiPath, a program that allows XfinityX1 users to watch their video service from most of their electronics (even allowing for multi screen ones), has become a trend in US families´ homes, with 40% of the homes utilizing the service on 2016 alone.

Sabat and Basualdo

Modelling and simulations


This article describes how a team of researchers, consisting of archeologists and other spècialists from Ohio State University, used a simulator that was able to calculate the difficulty of crossing the Pacific Ocean at any given point in time, that was then used to attempt to find the potential trajectories early settlers may have taken when colonizing the islands in the Pacific, which remains a mystery since they are incredibly remote and far appart from each other (in some cases), which begs the question as to how early settlers of the islands may have transported themselves with their main method being drifting.

Sabat and Basualdo