5 Effects Social Networks Have On You


This article is opiinion-based so the reliablity affects not much and overall hongkiat talks about their opinions in technology.

This article talks about the social effects social media and social networks cause on people.


Social Networking


This article exposes information on one of the major social network in the world: Facebook, and shows impressive figures about their 10-year old company. During these years Facebook has impacted on society greatly, most of the people in the world use Facebook. More than 1 thousand million people access this social network every month, and 556 million access it from their cellphone EVERY DAY. An unbelievable fact is that 8 years ago Facebook had just 12 million users: 0,01% of what it has today.

This article is reliable because it was published by The Guardian, which is a newspaper that was founded in 1821 and is one of the most read newspaper’s in the UK. This is also one of the 5 most read news website in the internet worldwide and has more than 4 million followers in Google+.(Nothing in comparison to the numbers presented in relation to Facebook users, but enough to make it a valid source). Because of these facts I think we can consider this site as a reliable(valid) article.