Medical Research

This article is from a site called IFLScience. It is about science and constantly reports the latest news on various science fields, in this case health and medicine. It is very trustworthy.

This article is about regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine allows us to re-grow tissue, organs and bones. It is extremely useful and could save millions. As said on the article, it has an incredible potential. It would be used everywhere and would be really useful. Although some regenerative methods are already being used, the field is still in an early stage of development. The biggest problem is the cost it has to research, and no one wants to pay for it. This is the main problem the article states and it says that methods to lower the cost of it should be implemented for the field to develop. It is definitely one of the fields that could change the way we live and approach things, as our injuries could be healed in an instant.


Electronic Prescribing

This review is posted on The National Center for Biotechnology Information which advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. It contains medical information, therefore it can be assumed that the contents of this review can be trusted as the site focuses on medicine.

The review show how Electronic Prescribing affected the field of medicine. Before its introduction medication errors, which were the mayor type of medical errors, where something that factored in the quality of patient care and as it states,  nearly 100,000 individuals per year in the US died of preventable medical errors of with 7000 were medication errors. The introduction of Electronic Prescribing, which is Computerized Physician Order Entry systems, lowered this number down and also improve the quality of patient care. However, it shows some negative effects, including the facilitation of medication error risks or an increase in mortality. This is relevant to what we are studying because it shows that the implementation of technology in the field of medicine saves lives and it drastically improves patient care quality, making it easier to access information needed.

Technological Surgery

This article is from Imperial  BRC which is a National Institute for Health Research, therefore can be trusted in the field of medicine. The Imperial BRC develops technology for medicine as well as conducting research.

The article explains the use of surgical technology in health care. It says that the Imperial BRC constructed a Surgical Robot called i-snake “to facilitate large area in vivo tissue imaging and characterisation through the integration of miniaturised reflected white light and fluorescence intensity imaging for MIS.” It shows various examples of the implementation of technology in medicine, such as Robotic Assisted Technology, using robotic assisted MIS, which allows procedures to take place that would otherwise be prohibited by the operating environment. It is relevant to the topic we are studying because it depicts the use and aid of technology in medicine, which in some cases helps to give a more precise outcome, and in other cases its implementation actually allows the procedure to occur. It also provides a safer work space, and also a safer procedure as it is more precise than the human hand and it therefore avoids risks that could mean life or death.