Digital Entertainment

This article from the NY Times talks about the effect of violent video games on players and if they actually make them more violent or not. Of course, the NY Times is very trustworthy as it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best news site in the world.

This article is about a very controversial topic. Many violent acts are blamed on the aggressor playing violent video games. The article tries to see if this is true or not, but does not arrive to any concrete answer. It is very difficult to measure this in short term. The Mortal Kombat and hot sauce example given, in my opinion, is pathetic. As a person who regularly plays these violent video games, I can tell you that they do not make me feel more violent. Shootings or other violent crimes are not to be blamed at violent video games. A person who commits such crime must have a prior psychological disorder, and happens to play these violent video games. Violent video games make you no more violent than violent movies. They may give you a temporary adrenaline rush, but if sane, not make you more violent.


Medical Research

This article is from a site called IFLScience. It is about science and constantly reports the latest news on various science fields, in this case health and medicine. It is very trustworthy.

This article is about regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine allows us to re-grow tissue, organs and bones. It is extremely useful and could save millions. As said on the article, it has an incredible potential. It would be used everywhere and would be really useful. Although some regenerative methods are already being used, the field is still in an early stage of development. The biggest problem is the cost it has to research, and no one wants to pay for it. This is the main problem the article states and it says that methods to lower the cost of it should be implemented for the field to develop. It is definitely one of the fields that could change the way we live and approach things, as our injuries could be healed in an instant.

Diagnostic and Therapeutical Tools

This article from NBC News, a very well known site, is about replacing a random doctor to a robot with a screen where your own physician appears.

This is very convenient as it helps reduce a lot of time and therefore helping diagnostic something quicker, which may save lives. When meeting a new doctor, sometimes one may be embarrassed of what they have and hesitate when telling them what they have, or they don´t mention the most embarrassing details. Also, a random doctor doesn´t know you how your physician does, so this robot makes things more efficient.

Psychological and Physical Considerations

This article is from BBC News and is about the effects of internet addiction on the way the brain is connected.

It is very interesting as most of us use internet several hours per day. The article states that web addicts have brain changes similar to those hooked on drugs or alcohol. This is something very worrying because internet is freely used by people of every age, and one can be hooked to it very easily. Of course, prohibiting the internet or restricting it would not be a sane solution as it is one of the most important tools we have and has become part of our routines and lives. So one has to be more cautious and realize when he is becoming an addict.

Published and Broadcast Information

This article from the NY Times is very interesting. Of course this site is very trustworthy as it is one of the most important news papers in the whole world.

It talks about the importance of digital textbooks and how they are slowly replacing normal textbooks. This, in my opinion, is a positive thing. An obvious advantage is the amount of space you save. Sometimes textbooks are very big and heavy, and it is a real pain to carry them around all day. With this, you can carry them in a device as big as your palm, along with several other things. Another advantage mentioned in the article is the amount of money you save. In California, they will give free math and science digital textbooks. Textbooks can be really expensive, but the digital world allows us to buy in much cheaper, even get it for free like in California, because the production costs are much less. Also digital courses are a very good idea, as you can have them any time you feel necessary. You can also go back to a part you didn´t really understand. This article states a very positive thing which will basically make our lives easier and more efficient.

Hardware, Software and Networks

This site is part of the CNN network, which can be trusted as it has millions of daily users.

The article talks about the future of the connected homes. It goes on saying that there will not be any efficient automation standard. This means that there will be no central hub for consumers to buy until there is an automation standard. Even if there was one, fully connecting a house would cost so much, that only the most privileged would be able to afford one. There are some devices which try to connect several devices, like the newly released Xbox One, but they do not compare to what we imagine when we think on connected houses. So, basically, we will have to wait until there is an automation standard created and also for the price to go down for the masses to afford it.