5 Effects Social Networks Have On You


This article is opiinion-based so the reliablity affects not much and overall hongkiat talks about their opinions in technology.

This article talks about the social effects social media and social networks cause on people.


5 ways SOPA/PIPA would impact Web start-ups


It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area’s oldest extant newspaper. (according to Wikipedia). This is the online version of the krant.

This article talks about the possible social impact of a bill. This bills allows government to a wider control and use of information of any site in the USA (in the case of SOPA) and outside the U.S (in the case of PIPA).

ECB hacked: Data stolen from central bank.


Both The Guardian and CNBC, are considered a reliable source by many. Their Experience and the time they have been active is huge, and as I said before; Unreliable sources don’t last much. Also, this article is backed up by other newspapers/news collectors. They also say where their info came from.

This article (both are about the same) describe what happened when the European Central Bank was hacked and the human impact it caused. This shows the insecurity of having a Central Bank as it is hackable and also it demonstrates why government shouldn’t have full acces to everyone.

4 Ways minecraft hasn’t actually changed gaming


First off, if it wouldn’t be credible it would have been dismissed long time ago. But it is also important to note it cites all of its sources. It is also widely known and cited. 

The site is relevant to the topic studied because it analyzes the impact and the lack of impact of a game which is attributed to have “revolutionized” gaming. To a certain point It dismisses the belief that Minecraft had a significant impact on the game industry.