link: http://www.learnabouteprescriptions.com/what-is-eprescription.aspx

The site is very reliable due to the fact that many famous pharmacies sponsor it, for example: Aurora pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, among others (more are seen at the bottom of the page). Also, this site is trustworthy since it’s the official webpage that doctors use to familiarize their customers with  e-proscriptions.

This source provides with FAQs like (frequently asked questions) the basic concepts of e-prescription, how does it work and what benefit does this provide. It is quite useful since it shows the positive influence of technology in medicine.




This author of this site, American Telemedicine Association, is the most reliable webpage of United States that posts new updates on Telemedicine for those who aren’t  familiar with it.

This site provides with the basic concepts of Telemedicine, different services that it provides to customers, all the different delivery mechanisms that Telemedicine uses and the benefits of this new electronic communication. Also, this site has FAQs sections and much more to investigate about Telemedicine.

Therapeutic Tool enhancement due to the Evolution of Technology

Link: http://www.mddionline.com/blog/devicetalk/how-has-technology-changed-medical-industry

The site, MDDI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) is very reliable due to the fact that it is famous among doctors. Not only does it provide clinical information, but it also posts about new machines and tools which could be used for medical purposes.

This page is excellent for the implementations of technology in medical industry. It provides with useful graphs showing how life expectancy changed throughout history and dates showing the new inventions of medical equipment.It also provides with excellent concepts on how technology has improved treatment processes and the advances of medical technology.