Psychological and physical considerations

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The first link talks about the psychological problems and issues related to the evolution of technology,with the use of different studies and books, such as the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project or Professor Larry Rosen´s (California State University) book about the “IDisorder”, a way to describe people´s addiction to phones

The second link talks about how technology impacts physical and emotional health, that includes an interview of different doctors about this same topic


Medical Research


This article is about the preparation of new technologies to detect early stages of diseases in the Glenn Research Center, provided by NASA. It talks about the possibilities of developing new hardware that can detect some diseases such as Alzheimer or Diabetes, and how this could change the study of drugs and medicine, to prevent these.

Although this article was created in 2004, It is still updated by doctors and researchers,always to date with the newest hardware available. It shows what they do, with cooperation of different universities such as the Case Western Reserve University and the University Hospitals of Cleveland, and how this would be useful to help research the diseases.