2.3 ENVIROMENT Resource Depletion


This page is pretty trsutworthy, we can say this because we can see that it is made by stanford university.

In this link we can see how different resources will be depleted and why will they. This link also explains clearly what the depletion of resources mean.


2.3 ENVIROMENT Data Logging

http://www.omega.com/prodinfo/datalo 4ggers.html

This page is writen by Omega. Omega is a company that manufactures electronic and instruments used in industry or labs since 1962. Throughout the time that this compny has been selling its technology it recived great reviews from the media, because of this we can surely trust the information that we read in this page.

Within this link you can read about Data Logging, the first paragraph starts explaining what a data logger is, then it continues explaining how to use one and how to choose your data logger and specifications abut each different data logger.

2.3 ENVIROMENT Modelling and Simulations

Modelling and Simulations

Both of this links are from the UCL (Universite catholique de Louvian) this makes the information in both sites quite trustworthy meaning that we could use it through our learning without hesitating about its validity.

The first link explains thoroughly what a climate model is and what are their implications. Meaning it defines a climate model and it explains its meaning, it also comments on the conditions that a model should have and with this comes in part the second link which explains different types of models and what are their specialities and uses.