Medical Research

This site is about health information. It provides people with the information they need about health research in Massachussetts.

This article shows us the important of medical research and outlines the difference between medical research and medical care. “Medical care is the way that your doctors treat your illness or injury.” This is not the same as medical research, which is actually researching for improving the medical care. For example, a new, better vaccine for a disease. There is a lot of research in new drugs that do new things, or just improving on new ones. Also there is a lot of medical research on cells and using them to grow new tissues. There is medical research being done in a lot of various things, and it is really important. Without medical research we wouldn´t have many of the things we have today.


Medical information, administration, marketing and sales

This article is about buying drugs online. It is from BBC News, which is a very trustworth site as it is internationally recognized.

It is very interesting as it states a big problem in this business. Many of these drugs are fake and can really damage the consumer. They generally buy prescripted drugs without prescription, like Valium, Viagra and more. Of course, doing this is ilegal, but the goverment connot do much to stop this. What they are doing is certifying chemists with a logo, and the only thing they can do is rely on the people who actually have to buy drugs look at it and buy from those trustworthy sites.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools

This site shows all the news 3d printers related. It is really good and informative. It is trustworthy as many of the news it shows are actually true. It is very interesting to see what type of things 3d printers can do.

In this article, they show a specific case of what 3d printers can do in the medical field. Prosthetic body parts. They outline the difference in prices between one made specially for him which costed $42000, and a $50 3d printed one. This guy has been using the $42k hand for a year, and when he started using the 3d printed one, he actually said it was better. Although the material was not very strong and parts would break, they made another one with a stronger material. This is very interesting and promising, as it reduces dramatically the price for prosthetic devices which people who had the misfortune of losing a limb have to buy. It is much better for those whose insurance does not cover the expensive prosthetic devices.

Digital Entertainment

Gamespot is a very important gaming site, which is very reliable. It has thousands (if not millions) of users. You can find this site anytime you search something gaming related.

This article talks about the famous debate: do video games make you violent? They show a new study done about this which puts an answer to this question. There is no concrete evidence to show that videogames make you violent. I personally agree with this. Why would you be affected by video games, but not by movies? If someone commits a violent crime, you should not put the blame on the video game he played. He already was mentally ill before playing that video game, and probably would have done it without playing it.

Social Networking

At first sight, I didn’t trust this site. I’ve never seen it before. But after exploring it for a while, I realized it is a good source. It has various articles about different topics, and many sections, etc. I checkedthe author and found out  he wrote many other articles. This makes him more trustworthy.

This article is very interesting as it states that social networks, websites that we use everyday, have a negative impact too, and it talks about those impacts. I believe that the worst impact social networks have on us is the false connections we create on the web, which makes us focus less on our real life relationships, and ultimately leaving us alone, depending on them to “socialize”.