The Impact of Video Gaming / Digital Entertaining

I chose the link above, given that it is an article published in The Huffington Post which is a very well known online newspaper. The author of this article is Daniel Raphael, currently studying politics and social issues, so I believe the information provided is reliable.

He describes the impact of video games on this generation, and includes his personal opinion to the facts and the information he has found, as a consequence of him being young and playing video games as well. He describes the advantages and disadvantage of video gaming, supporting his arguments with evidence. It is a very entertaining article both for teenagers and adults as it supplies facts about video gaming which are sometimes ignored and about its impact to the world.


E- Waste

The link displayed above has proven to be the most complete and trustworthy regarding the topic of investigation. It is the official web page of a very well known foundation in Europe called ‘CajaCanarias’. Besides, to prove its trustability, it has 4 certificates from ‘Certification Technological Center’ and ‘Gestion Ambiental Verificada’

The article provides detailed information on E-waste, it explains the objective of the foundation sharing pictures of the process as well. It has information concerning services provided by the own company, for example: ¬†‘RAEE’, application for jobs and products that are being sold in order to contribute to the proper use of garbage.

Ian Mourier

Law And Order / Technologies

This article belongs to a web page owned by The International Assosiation of Chiefs of Police, which makes the information in it trustable. The link above shows information about techonolgy as an advantage for the police, and its usage in each department. There are real time updates on the development of new technologies and explanations about there use. The article shows most of the technologies that are being used by Police Departments in  every day life and shares an explanation for each one.

Diagnostic Technology

This web page is a supplier of innovative medical diagnostic with real time updates. I believe the information is reliable as it is owned by an Autralasian company with over 20 years of experience in development, supply, distribution, and support of clinical diagnostic and life science products. Diagnostic Technology is also the commercial partner with some of the researchers at the school of Biotehnology and Biomolecular science. As regards to the web page, it provides information about the newest diagnotic techonolgies and about ilnesses and their corresponding symtoms.

Prosthetic Devices

This article belongs to a web site specialized in prostheic devices, this is why I choose to rely on the information given. This link focuses on the usage of prosthetic devices in mordern times, and goes back in time to compare the origin of this tools to the latest tecnology improvements. On the other hand, it also shows information regrding internal prosthetic deviced which could be, for example, for the heart or lungs.