Cyberwarfare in 2016: The Virtual Battle for Your Information

The link is an article talking about the current state of cyberwarfare, explaining what it is.

The article is relevant since it touches the subjects of violence, military and war.  It is a trustworthy site that provides articles daily.


Law and order

The following is a link to an article from theatlantic.  It is a real life story of a boy who got acussed of a crime due to innacurate DNA testing.  The article talks about the disadvantages of DNA testing.

It is a trustworthy site, however there is no confirming that the facts in the story are 100% true.

Access to, and updating of, personal information held on government databases

The following article talks about a certain event that ocurred in USA.  A goverment site that manages taxes encountered a hardware problem.  This problem stopped hundreds of people from being able to retrieve their tax refunds or accesing their data.

The site is a known news webpage for United States.

Political processes

Why online voting would be a ‘complete disaster’

Is an article talking why online voting would be a tottal disaster.  The article is relevant to the subject of study and somewhat trustworthy.  It is a sequence of questions and answers that might be biased.