Vein Searcher

The device, Vein-Viewer, projects infrared light on a certain location. The light is then absorbed by the blood, and reflected by surrounding tissue. The device captures, processes and digitally projects the veins on the surface of the skin.

The writer is called Michael Guta, and he is an ICT coordinator in developing countries. What he does is assesing the viability of implementing technologies in rural areas where there is minimal infrastructure available. The page is relevant due that is combines healthcare and technology, and has lots of writers and advertising.


Electronic Noses

Pippa Wyong, the writer, is an award-winning science, technology and medical journalist who writes for everyone from specialty physicians to 8-year old kids. He writes in The Globe&Mail, Scientific American, The Medical Post, Medscape/WebMD and a few more pages.

The post is about a new electronic “nose” that looks for diseases by “smelling” the substance. It can detect and monitor asthma, kidney disease, high cholesterol and a number of other conditions.

The site is trully relevant due that it specially mixes the themes of technology and healthcare.

Capsule Colonoscopy

The author is Jonathan J. Darrow, and is valid because he is a tutor and fellow on medical research on Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He also holds a BS in biological sciences in Cornell.

This article talks about an invention about type of colonoscopy. It consists in a capsule that has lots of advantages from the other colonoscopy, for example, a better view, no pain, and a lot of cost advantages.

The site is relevant because it has very good writers, mostly all of them from Harvard, and other very good universities. This site doesn’t have a lot of information about technology, but has a lot about health. But, since they include new therapeutically inventions from technology, I believe its valid.

Tremor Canceling Tech

The author, Richard Adhikari, is valid because he has been writing in technology for more than 3 years, and writes in several prestigious IT pages and magazines.

This article talks about a new invention for people with Parkinson, to make it easier for them to eat.  Due that people with Parkinson suffer of tremors, it is very difficult for them to eat, and what this machines does is that it cancels around 70% of the tremors.

The site is relevant for the topic studied because it doesn’t only got health and technology, but has technology in different aspects, for example in gaming, science, space, etc. And, for my specific topic, it has a whole section talking about technology in health.

SAIC-Omnifluent Health

This site is trustworthy due that it is about healthcare. Also, this pages takes links of good blogs about medicine, different columns about doctors, and reliable healthcare information.

The site talks about a technology developed by SAIC, that helps the consumer ask questions or talk to the doctor, using translation and speech recognition. And then gives all the profits about it.

Watson Machine

The site is Fox News. This is trustworthy due that is has been on air for many years, and lots of people watch it, and read it. So, due that many people see it, they have gained good personal, for example, the writer of this post. His name is Brian Mastroianni, and he is a journalist that graduated with honors from Brown University. Also, the post are uploaded on time, and the design of the web/page is very good. And, in the post, the quote Nicolas LaRusso, a reliable doctor in Mayo Clinic.

The article talks about a IBM Machine called Watson, that was created to answer questions. Now, Doctors are using it in order to help them take clinical decisions. In this article, they are talking mainly about how Watson will help to match cancer clinical trials.