Health care Technologies

“KSA to Increase Application of Digital Technology in Health Sector” is an article that shows the Saudi Arabian (KSA stands for “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”) government, the ministry of health specifically, showing leniency or interest in updating the Saudi Arabian health system by updating its technology, and giving users more interactions with their own health programs (it is not specified in the article which uses the technology will ultimately have). The Saudi Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) is apparently taking iniciative on this area as well, since it “is launching a series of workshops to help enhance the health services sector.”.

These actions are based (according to the article) on a report made by  KPMG International and the Nuffield Trust called “Digital Health – Heaven or Hell” which highlights the significant improvement in health services by applying technology to them. Although these improments will not be efficient or reliable unless there is actual care and efficient managing when establishing and mantaining the systems.

Ultimately this posibility for improvement in the health care services of Saudi Arabia is only being contemplated at the moment, but if used correctly it can save countless lives and improve the lives of many people, as well as reducing workloads for the staff.

Sabat and Basualdo


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