Published and Broadcast Information

This article from the NY Times is very interesting. Of course this site is very trustworthy as it is one of the most important news papers in the whole world.

It talks about the importance of digital textbooks and how they are slowly replacing normal textbooks. This, in my opinion, is a positive thing. An obvious advantage is the amount of space you save. Sometimes textbooks are very big and heavy, and it is a real pain to carry them around all day. With this, you can carry them in a device as big as your palm, along with several other things. Another advantage mentioned in the article is the amount of money you save. In California, they will give free math and science digital textbooks. Textbooks can be really expensive, but the digital world allows us to buy in much cheaper, even get it for free like in California, because the production costs are much less. Also digital courses are a very good idea, as you can have them any time you feel necessary. You can also go back to a part you didn´t really understand. This article states a very positive thing which will basically make our lives easier and more efficient.


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