Medical Research

This article is from a site called IFLScience. It is about science and constantly reports the latest news on various science fields, in this case health and medicine. It is very trustworthy.

This article is about regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine allows us to re-grow tissue, organs and bones. It is extremely useful and could save millions. As said on the article, it has an incredible potential. It would be used everywhere and would be really useful. Although some regenerative methods are already being used, the field is still in an early stage of development. The biggest problem is the cost it has to research, and no one wants to pay for it. This is the main problem the article states and it says that methods to lower the cost of it should be implemented for the field to develop. It is definitely one of the fields that could change the way we live and approach things, as our injuries could be healed in an instant.


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