Digital Entertainment

This article from the NY Times talks about the effect of violent video games on players and if they actually make them more violent or not. Of course, the NY Times is very trustworthy as it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best news site in the world.

This article is about a very controversial topic. Many violent acts are blamed on the aggressor playing violent video games. The article tries to see if this is true or not, but does not arrive to any concrete answer. It is very difficult to measure this in short term. The Mortal Kombat and hot sauce example given, in my opinion, is pathetic. As a person who regularly plays these violent video games, I can tell you that they do not make me feel more violent. Shootings or other violent crimes are not to be blamed at violent video games. A person who commits such crime must have a prior psychological disorder, and happens to play these violent video games. Violent video games make you no more violent than violent movies. They may give you a temporary adrenaline rush, but if sane, not make you more violent.


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