Electronical Medical Record or Electronic Health Record

Don’t you think having loads and loads of paper, occupying space in infinite cupboards is not practical? The solution is a step away, with electronical medical or health records. This is an idea that makes all of the patients’ history available on the computer, or even better, online!

In this way, doctors will avoid having to store all of the patients’ history in hardware, instead, it will be always handy and compacted into hard drives or solid state drives, from where you can search for a specific patient using hot words, for example. This is much faster and much more practical than having it on tedious drawers which are difficult to organize and it’s difficult to find stuff on them.

On top of the simple history of the patients’ health complications, illnesses and injuries, radiology images and information about test results can be stored as well! In fact, laboratories could simply send this information by e-mail or, if preferred, through the web in an encrypted way, for the doctor to store it in his or her computer or on the cloud, and be able to take a look at it, from anywhere!

Here’s some further information about this system.


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