Individualized IT Solutions for Disabled People

I found this website from a company which is dedicating to enable disabled people to use devices in the most advanced way they can. In order to do so, they are developing software specifically thought for disabled people, for them to interact with existing devices in a wise way. Accessibility and assistance software is being created by Nuance to help disabled people communicate with the world as any normal person would do. Interacting with devices with speech for blind people, with the eyes for people without arms, with the fingers and by listening (text to speech technology) for deaf people are some of the examples of this technology.

Moreover, smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS are starting to come with accessibility options for disabled people, such as text to speech, and what’s its reverse, speech to text and assistive touch which tells the person using the device, by making use of the device’s speaker(s), what he or she is touching.

This video shows the accessibility options on Android OS.

Nuance is a very well-known software developing company, so I believe it’s a reliable source.The video I think is also very reliable because it is from Android Central, an Android videos YouTube channel with 177.512 subscribers and also because it shows the accessibility capabilities of the latest version of Android.


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