Satellite Imagery in China

The article is from a website called SpaceNews which offers a distinct online information portal, delivering accurate, timely news and in-depth analysis, in addition to a variety of custom publishing options. The article was published by Peter B. de Selding who earned a B.A in political science at Washington College and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Missouri-Columbia. Therefore, we can observe that the site is popular in the space field, showing that it has been very popular for the last two decades. Also the author is very well educated, and is properly trained to write an article, specially in the political front, which is an aspect, aside from space, that this article takes on. Also, this author wrote various other articles on the webpage, therefore he has experience writing in SpaceNews. Ergo, this article is valid because of its popularity and experienced author.

The article explains the launch of the DF-2 satellite in China, which is capable of producing images with a ground sampling distance of 80 centimeters in black and white, and 3.2 meters in color. Its images have a width of 48 kilometers, and the satellite is capable of swiveling on its axis 35 degrees to either side. It also explains that China  has been one of the world’s biggest markets for commercial Earth observation satellite imagery and how its increasing self-sufficiency has  cost several satellite image providers like RapidEye of Germany.


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