Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools


This site shows all the news 3d printers related. It is really good and informative. It is trustworthy as many of the news it shows are actually true. It is very interesting to see what type of things 3d printers can do.

In this article, they show a specific case of what 3d printers can do in the medical field. Prosthetic body parts. They outline the difference in prices between one made specially for him which costed $42000, and a $50 3d printed one. This guy has been using the $42k hand for a year, and when he started using the 3d printed one, he actually said it was better. Although the material was not very strong and parts would break, they made another one with a stronger material. This is very interesting and promising, as it reduces dramatically the price for prosthetic devices which people who had the misfortune of losing a limb have to buy. It is much better for those whose insurance does not cover the expensive prosthetic devices.


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