Digital Entreteinment

A 90s Kid Living in 2014 Then and Now

Even though in a first place I didnt know The Huffington Post after doing some research I deduced that this newspaper is in fact a reliable source. The Huffington Post is a modern style news aggregator and blog founded in 2005 in New York. I think that it is reliable mainly because about 20,000 users rated their App on Play Store with an average of more than 4 stars.

This URL is relevant to the topic studied because the author emphasizes on the contrast between the 90s and now in relation to Digital technology, from a negative point of vew. The author explains how different it was back then to buy music and movies, to play games, to watch tv and use the internet. She describes how things were much more physical before, people used to line up in order to buy music and movies, how games could be played without electricity and how tv changed and how internet was used so much less. I think even though the author tackles this topic from a conservative mindset he is able to sum up all the drastic changes in Digital Entreteinment. I think that if he could include also the positive aspects of the subject his text would be richer in content


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