Wearables and Trackables – Their Impact


This in an article from Huffington Post, a famous website which contains all kinds of articles. The author of this article is Ali Cherry who is a Student and Teacher of healthy habits and is also the founder of Snack Packers. This shows that she is really immersed in the topic of health and therefore we can trust that this article is valid.

This article talks about how people are getting into the habit of collecting their personal health numbers of steps, blood pressure and much more. Wearable devices like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal are the ones responsible for this collection of data. It is relevant to what we are studying because it shows the impact that technology has on, not only big industries as we know, but also on a human being’s personal life. A person can now keep track of their fitness and are therefore able to take better care of theirselves on a daily basis, ergo avoiding medical problems. However, it also arguments that these wearables may, in the long run, outsource the monitoring of our bodies and making ourselves dependent on technology to take care of ourselves. These trackers help us know what is good and bad in our body when we take a jog or a walk, as it registers many data of our body that is useful and can tell us if we need to improve on something.


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