Technological Surgery

This article is from Imperial  BRC which is a National Institute for Health Research, therefore can be trusted in the field of medicine. The Imperial BRC develops technology for medicine as well as conducting research.

The article explains the use of surgical technology in health care. It says that the Imperial BRC constructed a Surgical Robot called i-snake “to facilitate large area in vivo tissue imaging and characterisation through the integration of miniaturised reflected white light and fluorescence intensity imaging for MIS.” It shows various examples of the implementation of technology in medicine, such as Robotic Assisted Technology, using robotic assisted MIS, which allows procedures to take place that would otherwise be prohibited by the operating environment. It is relevant to the topic we are studying because it depicts the use and aid of technology in medicine, which in some cases helps to give a more precise outcome, and in other cases its implementation actually allows the procedure to occur. It also provides a safer work space, and also a safer procedure as it is more precise than the human hand and it therefore avoids risks that could mean life or death.


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